Front Desk

Laura Porter

Front Desk Manager

Laura has been with Path to Wellness since the beginning; first as a patient in the clinic and off and on as a member of the team until joining us full time in 2018.

Jamie Esquivel

Carolina Vargas

Cheayenne Tullous

Kindra McDaniel

Chiropractic Assistants

Pam Puckett

Back Office Manager

Pam joined Path to Wellness in April of 2009. From Toronto, Canada, Pam moved to Minnesota where she graduated with a business degree from Winona State University. She is blessed with two children, Brittany and Michael, who attended college in Texas. She is incredibly enthusiastic about helping our patients lead a healthier lifestyle. One thing is certain, you’ll never catch Pam sitting around.  Feel free to give Pam a big hug the next time you are visiting us… if not she will hug you first.

Lori Marsh

Ivey Biffle

Medical Assistant

Alyssa May

Insurance Auditors

Olivia Valdez

Insurance Manager

Olivia joined Path to Wellness in August 2010. Olivia was born in Durango, Mexico and grew up in Fort Worth. She loves being able to help our patients behind the scenes at the clinic. Olivia is passionate about how chiropractic and our integrated health services can improve patients’ overall health. When not in the office, Olivia loves spending time with her husband Ezequiel and their three children Angel, Zeek and Camila.

Jennifer Solis

Jennifer joined Path to Wellness in June 2016. She was born in California and raised in Fort Worth graduating from North Side High School and then from Kaplan College. Jennifer feels blessed with the opportunity to be part of Path to Wellness and loves the fun-loving and caring culture.


Lara Ingram

Marketing Director