Path to Wellness Integrated Health is an all-inclusive wellness center of deeply caring specialists who guide patients on the path to wellness. We target patient-specific needs with a full spectrum of treatment options. Our approach bridges evidence-based medicine with holistic techniques to heal the body inside and out.

Dr. Lauren Letz established the chiropractic clinic in 2008 using the most sophisticated and technologically advanced equipment available. Since opening, services have expanded to include:

  • massage therapy,
  • decompression,
  • physical therapy,
  • IV infusion therapy,
  • integrative medicine,
  • regenerative medicine and
  • nutrition;

covered by most major medical insurance.

Dr. Letz and her associates, Dr. Ashley Salazar and Dr. Bryan Schlackman, take great pride in their ability to focus on the patients’ needs including pediatric and prenatal care. They work diligently to relieve patients of current problems and help them create a healthy environment so future spinal issues do not arise. As Dr. Letz says, “You have only one spine and there is no such thing as a spinal transplant.”